Unusual features - Equipment for cleaning of anilox rolls

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Unusual features

LaserEcoClean. We remember everything about your rolls.
We have created a LEC Database, which stores all data in the cloud for purified in LaserEcoClean rolls.

You can always:
- Know how many times cleansed or that the
roll when the last cleaning;
- Entered into the database audit result anilox, with photos chips and scratches;
- On the basis of these technologies can plan what trees should be cleaned to the next draw.
- Employee working on LaserEcoClean, sees in the database on the day of the job and clears these
- After cleaning LaserEcoClean, trees are automatically marked as cleared;
- All the information available technologies and production manager for the Internet.
LEC DB The system allows you to monitor equipment LEC and the state of each
roll, in real time.

LaserEcoClean. We are working on a single button.
To start the cleaning process does not require any preparation.
Qualified personnel must install the roll in the LEC, enter the number of anilox.
Automatically fill lineature happen and ink transfer roll from database shafts. The machine itself will select the optimum cleaning options.
You can run the cleaning process.

roll and start cleaning cycle takes about 2-3 minutes.

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