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Safety and quality

Rule perfect printing LaserEcoClean (LEC).
We believe that fundamentally changed the approach to cleaning of anilox. Now you can take  clean anilox from the rack for each draw. No matter whether you use alcohol or water colors for printing. No matter what condition the roll is in. No matter how long ago you  cleaned your rolls last time. Equipment for laser cleaning  of anilox allows to clean the anilox roller regardless of amount of contaminants within 35 minutes.

Formula for saving money is LaserEcoClean a + b + c + d + e + f = LEC.
Calculate how quickly your LaserEcoClean will pay off:
a) we save the downtime of the printing machine. LaserEcoClean returns ink transfer
roll of the entire surface of the anilox to the certified value. With the exception of normal wear and tear of the shaft. So, your printers will quickly get the demanded color all over the whole field of printing;
b) the use of the completely clean
roll in each draw will significantly reduce the amount of material consumables;
c) for LaserEcoClean no consumables or replaceable units are needed. The service life of the laser - 6 years of continuous operation. Power consumption of equipment up to 2 kW. So you will not have any additional costs after purchasing the equipment for  LaserEcoClean .;
d) before cleaning and after cleaning with LaserEcoClean  there is no need in any special action. The
roll should be carefully wiped from the drips of paint. We assume that the cost of chemicals for daily and deep cleaning will be reduced by 90%.
e) if your
rolls do not give the desired thickness of the paint layer on the material, you have to increase the amount of pigment in the paint. With LaserEcoClean you'll always be confident in the thickness of the paint layer on the surface of the material, and thus save partly money you pay for the pigment;
f) To work on the equipment LEC does not require any special knowledge. The operator must enter the number of anilox. The equipment of LEC screen frequency and ink transfer from the database of your
roll and automatically select the optimal modes of roll cleaning. The operator can perform other tasks for 40 minutes after the start of the cleaning.

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