Main advantages - Equipment for cleaning of anilox rolls

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Time of  full cleaning length 1360 mm long anilox is 35 minutes.

This means that you can prepare to print four anilox for 2.5 hours.

For work LaserEcoClean no consumables are needed.

Therefore, you may completely cut costs for chemicals needed for deep cleaning and significantly reduce the cost of daily cleaning of anilox. After laser cleaning roll is immediately ready for use. Payback period of equipment for laser cleaning of anilox doesn`t exceed 2 years.

We guarantee that our technology for the laser cleaning is completely safe for ceramic anilox roll.

We have been providing services for laser cleaning of anilox since 2010. We have more than 300 customers. Equipment for laser cleaning technology LaserEcoClean itself chooses the most secure mode for each type of anilox, depending on the screen frequency and ink transfer.

No need for highly qualified personnel.

What is required for cleaning anilox roll is to enter the number and click Start.

The life of the laser source: 6 years of continuous operation.

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Types of roll:

Roll and sleeves with length till 1500 mm.

The diameter of the roll:

от 100 до 300 mm.

Speed cleaning a shaft length of 1360 mm:

30 min.

Weight rolls:

150 kg.

Power consumption:

2 kW.


2620х1400х1020 mm, 2000 kg.

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